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Click on the photograph to view the video.  If you have trouble viewing the video, click HD (turns high def off) in the lower right corner of the video screen. 

Richard Nixon Presidential Library
Pilot BoatSelf Defense Training
Tuttle Creek and Dam  VimeoMarion Reservoir  Vimeo
Wind EnergyAlexanderwohl Mennonite Church  Vimeo
Italian TrainsRural Road
Summer BreezeKayak Water Polo
Prairie Dog State Park, KansasShipping Port, Italy
Saint Mark, KansasAndale Kansas
TrafficBeach View in Mississippi
CR 280 and Avenue M is a county road intersection in central KansasCR 230 Av M
Kaw LakeLa Cathedrale St-Jean, Lafayette, Louisiana
Grain Elevators II
Grain Elevators
Oil PumpsCroissants
PollutionSolar Panels
Christmas Display at Wichita's BotanicaIlluminations at Wichita's Botanica
Trash LandfillUrban Dance
Cement FactoryKansas Showreel
Drone RescueRiver Surfer
Cattle Drive, Dallas, TX
QT  or Quick Trip is a chain of convenience store/gas stations in the MidWest, USA.
The most recent building was demolished and built fast.  This store/station is  in Wichita, Kansas.
Wind TurbinesFamine Sculpture
Dominican Sisters of Peace ConventFeedlot
John Redmond ReservoirMetallic Grain Elevators
Tombstone PortraitsThe Last Supper 
The Last Supper is a sculpture at the Cimitero Monumentale in Milano, Italy
Cemetery MonumentaleCimitero Monumentale portraits
Barbie  videoGreenwood Cemetery:
Greenwood Cemetery is located in Brooklyn, New York.
Many famous Americans are buried here.
Tifosi VideoJuventus Museum  video
Old Grain Elevator in the process of being recycled. Located in Wichita, Kansas.Exploration Place, Wichita
Central Park Ice Skating at Wollman Rink in New York City.
Video and music by Gino Salerno.
Kansas Masonic Home. Video and Music by Gino Salerno.
Old Wichita Airport or Riverside Landing Field is located in Northwest Wichita, Kansas.  Video by Gino Salerno. Music by Adam Kaplan.Old Train Depot. Located somewhere in central Kansas.
Video by Gino Salerno. Music by Adam Kaplan
Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City,
Music by Mark Walker.
Art Exhibit at Artlandia during Third Thursday in Hutchinson, KS
Oklahoma City Marathon  VimeoDrive In Theater  Vimeo
MECHANIZED TOYS!  VimeoDress Up Party, Venice, Italy  Vimeo  Youtube
Torture  Vimeo  instruments from the middle ages to the inquisition.Train Stop  Train Trip: Boston-Portland, ME

Keepers of the Plain, Sponsored by Together Wichita  Youtube  Vimeo

Keeper of the Plains by Blackbear Bosin.  Watch the progress as the Keeper is reseated in its new surrounding with a higher pedestal.  Vimeo

Abandoned Mill, KS  Vimeo

Opening Act  Vimeo  Youtube

Ballerina Training.  Vimeo.

Ballerina. Vimeo.

Flea Market MarilynYoutube. 

Modigliani. Youtube.

Speed Boat Racing.  Vimeo.  Youtube.

Morning Workout. Youtube.

Andrew J SpearYoutube.

Rodeo.  Youtube.

Japanese Wedding. Youtube.


Metal DinosaursYoutube.

Barns.  YoutubeVimeo. 

Chocolate Factory.  Joplin, MO.  YoutubeVimeo.

Roller Blade.  Youtube. Vimeo.

My Tribute to AmeliaVimeoYoutube.

Western Wall, Wailing Wall.  Jerusalem, Israel.

Memorial Day Flags.

Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon 2013.  Youtube.

Color Run.  April 2013.
Youtube.   Vimeo.

Cripple Creek Bike Ride.  All down hill--no breaks (almost).  Youtube

Kites.  Kites in different colors and sizes!  Youtube

YOSHI Rolls for Japan. 
Published 3-3-13

Here is Yoshi on a bike ride from coast to coast in Canada.  He was raising funds for Tsunami ravaged Japan.  Check out his adventure at YOSHIROLLS.ORG


Iemanja Goddesses.  This Festival happens In Brazil on February 2nd every year.
It celebrates the Queen of the Ocean Iemanja.  Youtube or Vimeo

The ORIXAS are the spirits in the Yoruba religion.
The women in this video are dancing to honor the Orixas & in
particular the spirit of Iemanja, the most beautiful of them all.
Youtube or Vimeo

Iemanja Offerings and Prayers.  Youtube or Vimeo

Capoeira  ...mixture of martial arts and dance.  Youtube or Vimeo

Capoeira in the Streets of Salvador, Brazil.  Youtube or Vimeo. 

Newman University Dual Match Showcase.

Prairie Fire Marathon and Half Marathon Oct 14, 2012.  This footage was filmed from a bicycle.

New York City.  Combined photographs and video of some icons in New York City.

Ellis Island.  New York City entry point for millions of immigrants in the 1800's and the early 20th century. Many photographs on display in the museums were taken by anonymous photographers.

Las Vegas Experience.  Fabulous Las Vegas!
Here is my three day experience condensed into a few minutes video.
All pictures and video were free entertainment!
Nice place to visit for a few days.

Coors Brewing Company.  Filmed at the Coors Brewing Company in Golden, Colorado.
After the tour you can taste the beer!

Tall Ships Festival.  Filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Fountains in Las Vegas.

Carnevale at the Venetian, Las Vegas.

Hutchinson, Kansas has a downtown-wide arts, music , food, shops Festival.
It happens every Third Thursday.
The painters, sculptors, ceramic artists, musicians and photographers are some of the best that Kansas has to offer. There is a variety of neat shops and mini markets.

Elvin and Marsha, Half Marathon, April 2012. 

Jim Percussing on Chris's SculptureYoutube.

Chris's RecitationYoutube.

Mark Walker plays guitar--performance art.

Jim Gulick plays drums.

Ipanema Block Party.  Youtube.

Rio Subway StationYoutube.

Stone Mountain near Atlanta Georgia.  December 2011.  Youtube.

Best Carnaval Dancers.  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Carnaval 2012 in Rio.  Que Beleza!  Youtube.  See in HD on Vimeo.    Youtube.

Corcovado.  "Christ the Redeemer," Cristo Redentor.  Youtube.  See it in HD on Vimeo.

Girl in the Green Dress.  Dancing at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.  See it on Youtube or in HD at VimeoYoutube. 

The Girl in the Red Dress.  Dancing at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.  See it on Youtube or in HD at VimeoYoutube.

Museo delle Marionette, Palermo, Sicily.  Marionette Puppets in Italy.        Youtube.   

Moors Against Christians.  The Moors invaded Spain and lived there for 800 years until they were expelled in 1492.  This reenactment took place in Carboneras, Spain in the month of June 2011.  Youtube.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain.  This impressive church has been under construction since 1882. Designed by Antoni Gaudi.  Youtube.

Elvis-Like Performer in Spain. 

Venice Beach in California!
Lots of colorful people, art, surf and sunshine!  Youtube.

Sexy Mannequins.  Mannequins from different stores and cities
were filmed in this compilation.  The clothes are nice too!

Air Pollution seen from different places.  Youtube.

Marco Riding.  Part 1!

Il Duomo, Milan.  Take a tour of one of Milan, Italy's most beautiful cathedrals.  2010.

Musical Cows.  Cowbells.  Very Musical--filmed in Sicily 2010.

Halloween Treat.  Halloween displays from around my neighborhood.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  WATCH NOW!

Horses.  Horses! All sizes and colors.  Youtube.

Fish Market.  A variety of fish and sea creatures for sale.
Filmed in South Korea and Japan.  Youtube.

Fire and Drums.  A fine display of fire artists, dancing and drumming.
The rhythms and performers are outstanding.  Youtube.

Air Show at McConnell Air Force Base, Wichita, KS, September 2010.  Super cool footage of some very fast and some not so fast airplanes.

Mesa Verde is a National Park located in Arizona.  Youtube.

Dancers in the Street....was driving home the other nite and I saw this group of people dancing. It looked surreal since it was quite dark with a single dim light and the occasional lights from cars driving. There were quite a few of them...It appeared at first totally disorganized, spontaneous...but after watching for a minute or so, I realized it was a synchronized choreography...Had to film it in the lowest light possible. hence the graininess of the video. But it was fun to watch and to listen to the beat of a single, powerful drummer.

Flute Player in the Park.  Carl Williams plays the double Indian flute.  Nice, peaceful music.  Filmed in Riverside Park, Wichita, Kansas.  Youtube.

Nice Waves.  Surfboarding fun.  Youtube.

Gino has completed many feature films, documentaries, and short films.  Information about the films, and/or their trailers are available at the links below.

Square Dancing at the Kansas State Fair, September 2010.

Pig Races at the Kansas State Fair, September 2010.

Water Fountains in Lima, Peru.  More than just a place to play, Lima's Fountains are a spectacular cultural show.

BMX Peru.  Bikers and skaters work out at Lima Peru's BMX park. Youtube.

Stonehenge in the early dawn hours of the beautiful English countryside.

The Statue of Liberty.  A wonderful visit to see Lady Liberty.

Para-sailing.  Fun!  Filmed in Lima, Peru.  Youtube.

New York City Pride Parade.

Yoder Days.  Yoder is a small Amish community in Kansas.
They have an annual Festival that include races.  Youtube.

The Coney Island Mermaid Parade.  The Mermaid Parade, Coney Island, New York.  A colorful, exciting parade held on the board walk every year in June.

Tokyo Marathon.  Highlights of the 2009 Tokyo marathon.

LO PUSE TODO.  Music Video in Spanish, written and sung by Albano, music by Adrian Antoine.

Trevor Stewart and the Earthlines.

Aliena's Babies.  Twins on April 17, 2010!

Marsha's Marathon.  Marsha Salerno ran the 13.1 mile half marathon in 2 hours, 16 minutes and 6 seconds in Wichita on April 25, 2010. 


Passionate Voices.  Modern Dance/Song Interpretation by Danika Bielek.   

Seven Deadly Sins.  The sins are compared & contrasted in this entertaining video which will make the viewer think.

The Jayhawk Juggler.  Dan Fitzgerald Juggling.  Short Documentary.

Unicycle MasterShort Film.  Vodvill Entertainment Company, Lawrence, KS. rrenner@vodvill.com 

Stilt Master.  Short Film.  Vodvill Entertainment Company, Lawrence, KS. rrenner@vodvill.com

Flatland String Band.  WATCH NOW!  Short Documentary.  FSB is a Kansas group that plays folk and contemporary music in the Americana style.  The video shows the members rehearsing for the next show.   

The Pharmacist.  intense Drama-Horror.  A small town pharmacist gives the wrong medicine to the people she does not like.  Is anybody safe?   DVD 90 minutes. 

See information on Amazon.com

A Forgotten Average Man.  Short Drama.  This bittersweet short film explores an average man's response to terrible tragedy.  years after suffering the loss of his wife and son in the same instant, Roger Stevens if trying to awaken himself to begin life again.  DVD 32 minutes.

Haitian Trip.  Family Adventure.  Coming of age adventure of a privileged American boy lost in Haiti.  Drawing upon his courage and desire to get home, the boy journeys through Haiti's diverse countryside to find his way.  DVD 2 hours.

Purchase from Gino.

Mysterious Tales. A series of 25 otherworldly short, diverse films.  Click to see details: