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Lima MannequinsLima, Peru, Sites
Salerno MannequinsHarry S. Truman LibraryNelson Art Gallery
AltarsIvory CarvingsUdine Mannequins
Retro PromViareggio Mannequins flickrNapoli Mannequins
Paris TexasBiloxi, MississippiIrish Mannequins
Tatoos II.  New Tatoos!Highway SignsShidler Ok
Antique PhotographsHistorical Photographs from CanadaHair
Saint Brigid CathedralLouisiana State FairgroundsAbandoned Courthouse, Ireland
Marine ArtNew Jersey IndustrialBest MET Paintings
CafeteriaRush County Fair  Native Art
Santa Rosa Cemetery, Lima, PeruAbandoned Home on the PrairieHospital
Architectural Abstractions IIUnderwear MannequinsMilitary Decay
MadonnasPicasso SculptureSaint Francis Seraph Church
Italian Store FrontsBlackVery Cool Posters
Mannequins Close UpSaks Fifth Avenue MannequinsMannequins II
Mannequins in Torino IMannequins in Torino IIMannequins in Milano I
Mannequins NYC 1Mannequins NYC 2Mannequins NYC 3
SuperheroesNew York City LightsPerry's Cove, Newfoundland, CA
Tattoos IITattoosPaparazzi
Hanging ClothesMailboxesItalian Mannequins

Venetian Doors  FlickrSkiing People  FlickrLinear Patterns  Flickr
Green  FlickrOrange  FlickrYellow  Flickr
Manhole Covers  FlickrTire TreeBlue
WhiteOKC BuffaloCovered Bridges of Sedgwick County
Dead on the RoadDeath HeadsRed

Love Locks Bridge.  Flickr.

Old Photographs 4.  Photographic Essay.  Youtube.
Old Portraits is a collection of photographs taken in garage sales, flea markets, windows, travels and other unexpected places.
It also includes family, friends' families and other people from different times

Old Photographs 3.  Photographic Essay.  Youtube.

Old Photographs 2.  Photographic Essay.  Youtube.

Old Photographs (Portraits) Photographic Essay.
Old Portraits is a collection of photographs taken in garage sales, flea markets, windows, travels and other unexpected places.
It also includes family, friends' families and other people from different times...  On Vimeo

Barns. Shutterfly Photobucket. Flickr.

Scarecrows  Photobucket

Mobile HomesShutterfly, Flickr

Flea Market, Photo Essay, Wichita, KS

Oklahoma City Memorial

Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta Georgia.  Photo Essay.

Restroom Signs Around the World.  Photo Essay.

Dead on the Road.  Photo Essay.

Ballerinas as Statues.  Photo Essay.

Elvin's Marathon.  October 14, 2012.  Photo Essay.

Tokyo Buildings.  Amazing architecture in Japan's biggest city.  Youtube.  Vimeo.

Las Vegas Buildings.  Photographic Essay.

Cripple Creek.  Nice little town in Colorado.
Took me about three hours on a bicycle from Woodland Park to get there just in time for lunch.

Churches. Photographic Essay of Churches--everywhere...

Peggy's Cove.  Picturesque photographic essay taken in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Forts.  Photographs from many places and countries.

Ndebele Tribe.  South Africa.


Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Photographic Essay.

Monument Rock, Kansas.  Photographic Essay, 2011.

Rio de Janeiro in Black and White.  Photographs by Gino.

Water towers.

Life-like Mannequins.  Photographic Essay.

Anonymous.  An interesting photographic essay.

Grain Elevators.  Photo Essay

Windmills.  Photo Essay

Boats and Harbor Stuff.  Photo Essay

Broken Glass.  Broken glass from windows, cars, bottles....
A Photographic Essay.

Hanging Clothes.  Drying clothes in the sun,
A photographic essay.

Reflec- tions.   These photos are reflections or taken through glass in different locations.

Impressive Monuments and Buildings.  Photo Essay

Dancers and Ballerinas

Agrigento and Segesta, Sicily.

Photographs taken at cemeteries around the World.

The Himba Tribe.  Taken in Namibia, 2005.