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Joshua Tree National ParkCarbon Canyon Regional ParkRedwood Forest
Kansas Marsh Land  VimeoRock FormationsMilford Lake
Laguna Beach, CaliforniaBotanical Garden at UCRCholla Cactuses   Vimeo
Coastline, Western Ireland Dillon Nature CenterGreat Blue Heron
Italian Cypress  VimeoGiardino Della Minerva-Orto Botanico in Salerno, Italia  FlickrVesuvius Vimeo
Orto Botanico di FirenzeMediterranean StormShoreline Findings
Ice on TreesGulf Islands National SeashorePrairie Dog State Park
CoastlineChicot State Park, LouisianaMississippi nature Center
Chaplin Nature CenterSpringLouisiana Arboretum
Sunflowers 1Sunflowers 2Bare Trees
Silk WormsChase State Fishing LakeMacro/Micro Nature.  Very small depth of field...
Fall ColorsFossilsSalmonier Nature Park
Chinese Garden, Botanica, Wichita KSMississippi CoastSwamp Lake
Belfast Botanical GardensGiant's Causeway, Northern IrelandPrivate Gardens
Trees UnderwaterDyck ArboretumCliffs of Moher, Ireland
Cedar BluffsHay BalesEucalyptus Tree
Cheney State ParkCheyenne BottomsKansas Horses
Orto Botanico di BreraSwallowsColored Fish
Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve, Newfoundland, CAWitless Bay Ecological Reserve, Newfoundland, CAElDorado Lake, Kansas
GreenhouseTallgrass Prairie National PreserveSand Hills State Park is located North of Hutchinson, Kansas.  Filmed during winter.
Symmetry in plantsMistaken Point Ecological ReserveTroughs 
St John's Botanical GardenKanopolis LakeElk   
GinkgoRocky Mountain National Park Weeping Willow
Thistle  FlickrSoy Beans  VimeoPoke  Vimeo
Dragonfly  VimeoAlder  FlickrEarly Morning Fog  Vimeo
Kansas GrassesQuivira Wildlife RefugeOtters
Wheat  VimeoEvergreens  FlickrPoison Ivy  Vimeo
Lichen and Moss  Vimeo  Witless Bay Ecological Reserve--located in Eastern Newfoundland,
Canada  Vimeo
Oceanshore  Flickr
Butter Pot Provincial Park  Newfoundland Canada  FlickrCape St Mary Ecological Reserve is located in Newfoundland, Canada  Vimeo
Fiddlehead Ferns--also called scrolls, violin head, edible ferns.
They are delicious and lightly crunchy when cooked properly.  Vimeo
Red Bud Trees  FlickrMagnolia Trees  FlickrRhododendrons  Flickr
Corn  Vimeo VideoFlock of Birds  Vimeo VideoCatalpa Tree  Flickr
Sea Anemones  Vimeo VideoArbuckle Mountains  FlickrFlooding  Vimeo Video
Zion National Park  VimeoBryce National Park  VimeoHoover Dam  Vimeo
White Buffalo  VimeoPetrified Forest National Park  VimeoRed Rock Canyon  Flickr
Bark   FlickrTurner Falls   FlickrInverse Lens
Winter Fog  VimeoPoison Ivy  Flickr
Lichen, Moss & Fungus
Bald Cypress.  FlickrLincoln, NE, Botanical Garden  FlickrHedge Tree or Osage Orange

Oak Tree.  Flickr
Apes.  FlickrCottonwood Trees.  PhotobucketOak Tree
Inukshuk.  FlickrSucculent and Cacti.  Flickr
Sea Anemones.  Aquarium, Tulsa OK.
Herbs.  FlickrTulsa Garden.  FlickrDust Storm
Dyck Arboretum In the Spring, Hesston Kansas.  Photo Essay.Dyck Arboretum In the Fall, Hesston Kansas.  Photo Essay.Seals at Pier 39
Dust StormPalo Duro Canyon, Texas. FlickrPalmengarten
CitrisAmerican White PelicanEverglades
Leaves Under WaterPelicansCypress Forest
Spanish MossOzarks RetreatCotton
row 65
SAGE grows around the world. It has a strong pungent, sometimes minty odor. It is used for a variety of purposes some of them medicinal.  Barn Owl

Powell Gardens, Kansas City, MO.  Flickr

Rock City, Rock Formation in North Central Kansas. 

Milo Sorgo Sorghum Cirok Durra Sorg Copr.  VimeoYoutube.

Chaplin Nature Center, Cowley County, Kansas. Youtube.

Driftwood, photo essay. 


Hollow Park, Sedan, KS.  Photo Essay.

Sedgwick County Zoo.  Photo Essay.

Myriad Gardens, Oklahoma City.  Photo Essay.

Dillon Nature Center.  Photo Essay.

Ice on Trees.  Photographic Essay.

Rio De Janeiro Botanical Garden
.  Photo essay of a Brazilian garden.  Music by Gino Salerno.  YoutubeVimeo.

African Wildlife, photographic essay.

Fall in Colorado.  Slide presentation in movie form. Without sound.
Late September pictures taken in Colorado.  Youtube.

Lobster.  Lobster from the ocean to the table.
Filmed in Canada. 

Jackals and Seals.  On the Skeleton Coast of Namibia.  Photo Essay.

Vimeo.  Youtube

Hay   Photo Essay 

Basil.  A film about planting and harvesting basil. 

Fossils in Nature.  Photo Essay. 

Nature & Landscapes.  Photo Essay.

Yellowstone National Park. 

Intelligent, alluring and annoying at the same time.
Watch one of them bothering an eagle.  Youtube.

Antelope Canyon is located on Navajo land near Page, Arizona.  Vimeo.  Youtube.

Flamingos! Red, white and pink.
Filmed in Kansas, Florida and Sicily. 

Lunar Eclipse.  Filmed during the Winter Solstice 2010. VimeoYoutube.

Olive Oil from tree fruit to final product.
Filmed in Sicily, Italy, 2010.
Vimeo.  Youtube.

Visitor at the Barn.  A Barn Owl visits the farm.
Vimeo.  Yahoo.