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Photos of Gino

Photographs of Graffiti and Street Art by Gino.

Sardinia Street ArtLima Urban Art
Wichita Street ArtUdine Italia Street ArtSalerno Street Art
Italian Graffiti and Street Art  flickrNorth End Urban Arts Festival, Wichita 2017Napoli Street Art
Graffiti TrainsFlorence Street Art  FlickrDetroit Street Art  Flickr
Lafayette Street ArtUrban ArtWichita Unexpected Found Art
Irish Slap LabelsShreveport Street ArtAlexandria, LA, Street Art
Belfast GraffitiBelfast Political GraffitiGraffiti @ Fabrication Street, Dallas, TX
Street Labels in TorinoStreet Art in TorinoMilano LabelsMilano Street Art
St. John's Slap Labels  FlickrSt. John's Graffiti and Street Art  Flickr
Train Graffiti in Negative  FlickrSlap Labels New York City.
Fabrication Street is located in an industrial area of Dallas  Flickr
Fabrication Street Art I  Flickr
OKC Street Art  FlickrSlap on Labels, Dallas  Flickr
Train Graffiti 415  Flickr
Dallas Street Art & Graffiti II...FlickrDallas Street Art & Graffiti I...FlickrOKC Train Graffiti  Flickr
Street Art  Vimeo
Graffiti Mural.  The TNR crew is at it again. This mural was done in Wichita, Kansas with the help of local graffiti artists. Nice Work!New Wichita Street Art  FlickrWichita Graffiti 615  Flickr
Troublemakers  VimeoLas Vegas Graffiti  Flickr
Western USA Slap Labels  FlickrColorado Slap Labels  Flickr
Italian Graffiti 1  FlickrItalian Graffiti 2  Flickr
Italian Slap Labels 1  FlickrItalian Slap Labels 2  Flickr
Paint Louis Part 1 FlickrPaint Louis Part 2  FlickrPaint Louis Part 3  FlickrPeru Graffiti  Flickr
Saint Louis Street Art & Graffiti 1Saint Louis Street Art & Graffiti 2Saint Louis Street Art & Graffiti 3Des Moines Street Art  Flickr
Kansas City New Street ArtTrain Graffiti  FlickrTulsa Street Art  FlickrSalem Labels  Flickr
Boston MA, Graffiti & Street ArtBoston MA, Labels.  FlickrPortland ME, Graffiti & Street ArtPortland ME, Labels.  Flickr
Lawrence Street Art  FlickrWichita Other Street Art  FlickrNew Train Graffiti Art  FlickrWichita Murals and Street Art.  Flickr

Amarillo Street ArtFlickr

Kansas City Street ArtFlickr.

Kansas City Street Art 2.  Flickr.

Kansas City Slap LabelsFlickr.

Oakland Street ArtFlickr.

San Francisco Slap LabelsFlickr.

San Francisco Slap Labels 1Flickr.

German Street Art.  Flickr.

San Francisco Street Art.  Flickr.

San Francisco Street Art 2Flickr.

San Francisco Street Art 3Flickr.

San Francisco Street Art 4.  Flickr.

Slap Labels in Germany.  Flickr.

Slap Labels in Germany 2.  Flickr.

Florida Art Part 1. Flickr.

Florida Art 2Flickr.

Wichita Graffiti 4.  Photo Essay.

New Wichita Graffiti.  Photo Essay

New Wichita Graffiti 2.  Photo Essay.

Marco VS Bus.  Art in Progress.

Hutchinson, KS, Graffiti and Street Art

Madrid Graffiti and Street Art

Tel Aviv Graffiti and Street Art 1

Tel Aviv Graffiti and Street Art 2

Tel Aviv Graffiti and Street Art 3

Jerusalem Graffiti and Street Art 1

Jerusalem Graffiti and Street Art 2

Jerusalem Graffiti and Street Art 3

Oklahoma City Graffiti

Bahian Art, 1.  Took these pictures of street art from a recent trip to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Bahian Art, 2.  Took these pictures of street art from a recent trip to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Bahian Art, 3.  Took these pictures of street art from a recent trip to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Graffiti Wichita part 3

Train Graffiti, part 2

Denver Art and Graffitti

Omaha Art.

Graffiti Canada.

Graffiti Wichita II

Graffiti Brazil, part 2.

Graffiti Brazil.

Graffiti Boulder, Colorado.

Train Graffiti.

Graffiti Wichita, Kansas.

Graffiti Spain.

Graffiti LA.

Graffiti Peru.


Marco's Graffiti.

Demonstration:  Stencils