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Wichita, KS, Sunday February 28, 2010.  Gino and Rose arrived safely at home. 

Wichita, KS, Thursday February 25, 2010
   Gino called and all is well. They will be working at the Lambert/Milot clinic tomorrow. They'll stay in relative comfort tonight and Friday at the preacher's house. Traveling to FL on Saturday--if the plane is on schedule. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts--they are helping.  ~M.

Milot, Haiti, Wednesday February 24, 2010
   Survived an Earthquake Tuesday AM in Port au Prince!
It was at about 1 Am with an aftershock 15 minutes later.
   We worked at the tent cities.  There was a lot of pickpocketing.
Back at Milot, we did the clinic in Lambert and we saw 104 patients today!
   Will work the hospital in Milot on Thursday.

From Gino in Cap Haitian and Port au Prince Monday February 22, 2010
    The last two days have been super intense!  Sunday I worked all day at the hospital in Milot.  AT the present time is the most efficient and best staffed facility in all of Haiti.  The helicopters land everyday bringing people from Port au Prince.  I was in charge of the ICU unit!  Had an experience n u r s e and a respiratory therapist help me out.  There are doctors from all over the world!
    Rose worked all day at the adult/tent hospital tent.  She said there were doctors from Germany, Haiti and the U.S. asking her to do something.  Each tent is for about 40 people.  There are five full tents, plus two big buildings across the hospital that are full.  The hospital itself is not very large but it is the place where the teams of surgeons perform most of the surgeries.  
    Earlier Monday we arrived in Port au Prince.  There are quite a few tent cities spread out.  The whole afternoon we took all the medicine donated by Univ. Friends Church and walked the tent cities with a translator calling on sick people to come forward.  I have no idea how many patients we saw but it was non-stop one after the other...  We saw lots of destruction as we walked.  There are still bodies on the street.
   Tomorrow we are walking the slums again.  Most of our medicine is gone.  The orphanage where we are crashing has a small pharmacy and they are letting us use all of the medicines they have.  Earlier today I helped loading up a t r u c k with UN food for the orphanage.
     Tuesday we'll walk the makeshift shacks and basically do the same as Monday.  We are getting slightly drained physically due to the conditions.
    Tuesday late afternoon going back to Cap Haitian then help at the hospital.  Wednesday we are doing the clinic in Lambert.  They announced it at the church service Sunday AM so
we'll expect a crowd there.
Have not decided about Thursday.  
    Got to go now,  We are borrowing this computer and the generator may shut off soon.

Gino, p h y s i c i a n  a s s i s t., and Rose  Clark, n u r s e, left for Haiti on Friday, February 19, on a medical mission.

They are in the Cap Haitian area.  
Later in the week they will travel to Port-au-Prince
to help through an orphanage.  They are supported by
three area churches--Univ. Friends Church--of Wichita
and Rose's church, Trinity United Methodist Church,
in Hutchinson, KS.  The Methodist Church in Little River, KS,
is also supporting this trip, as well Professional Pharmacy
of Wichita.

This is the area Gino and Rose will be in.  Inter-Faith Ministries of Wichita has supported this area for many years. http://www.ifmnet.org